TLC BIKES Metric Titanium Sprocket BoltsTLC BIKES Metric Titanium Sprocket Bolts

Metric Titanium Sprocket Bolt


Remove unnecessary weight and give that finishing touch to your crank set with our metric titanium sprocket bolt.

It features a smooth shaft below the head to stop the threads of the bolt wearing into your sprocket like a standard bolt does!

This will fit 99% of BMX cranks such as Subrosa, Cult, Eclat, Federal, Kink, Haro, Primo etc. Basically all crank sets apart from Odyssey Thunderbolt and Profile.

Weight: 7 grams

Thread: M10 x 1.5mm

Price is for a single sprocket bolt.

Always use anti-seize when installing your titanium bolts to prevent seizing or cold welding. You can find this in our Maintenance section.

All TLC products have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing and material defects. For more info please click here.

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