Birth Year: 2000
Sponsors: TLC BIKES, Monster, Freeagent, Kali Protectives, Alienation and KHE
Instagram account: @tryonbmx
Where are you from: Lodi, California
Favourite riders? Kieran Reilly, Josh Dove and Tyler Rizzi
What is your favourite park/spot? My favourite place to ride is my private spot… the snake pit!
What is your favourite trick? My favourite trick is a Cashroll
What are your hobbies? I enjoy working on my car and hanging with my homies!
What style of riding do you enjoy the most? I enjoy park and dirt riding the most, especially when you have a good crew!
What got you into riding? When I was younger I was always a ‘daredevil’, I always enjoyed riding my bike and making jumps and that was that!


Frame: Free Agent Sandman frame
Forks: Tall Order forks
Bars: Alienation 9’s
Stem: Profile Mulville stem with TLC titanium bolts
Brake: Odyssey brake with TLC titanium bolts
Grips: ODI grips
Rims/Hubs: Profile Mini hubs, Alienation rims and TLC titanium hub bolts
Spokes/nipples: Titanium spokes with alloy nipples
Seat/post: Tall Order combo with TLC Titanium bolt
Cranks: Profile Column 22mm cranks
Pedals: Alienation Foothold pedals
Sprocket: Profile 28T sprocket