Date of Birth: December 1997
Sponsors: TLC BIKES and Elevate Clothing
Instagram account: @callumraffertybmx
Where are you from: Syston, UK
Favourite rider? Alex Hiam
What is your favourite park/spot? Adrenaline Alley or Malaga
What is your favourite trick? Downlash inside jam to bar in
What are your hobbies? I just like to chill or go out with my mates
What style of riding do you enjoy the most? The style I enjoy the most has to be park
What got you into riding? I started riding when a skatepark was built in my local town
When did you start riding? I started riding in 2010


Frame: Hyper Indy frame
Forks: Odyssey R25 forks
Bars: Colony Sweet Tooth bars – 29″ x 9.4″
Stem: Profile Mulville stem with TLC titanium bolts
Grips: ODI flangeless
Hubs: Profile Elite hubs with TLC titanium bolts
Rims: Alienation Skylark/Runaway rims
Spokes/nipples: TLC stainless steel spokes with TLC alloy nipples
Tyres: KHE Mac 1.5 tyres
Seat/post: Colony combo seat and post with TLC titanium seat bolt
Cranks: Profile Racing with titanium axle and TLC titanium bolts
Pedals: Snafu Anorexic pedals
Sprocket: Profile Spline Drive – 28T