Date of Birth: 14-09-1998
Sponsors: TLC BIKES
Instagram account: @h.simpson__
Where are you from: Benfleet, Essex
Favourite riders? Matt Priest, Kris Fox, Matt Cordova and Dan Foley
What is your favourite park/spot? Woodyard Trails
What is your favourite trick? Turndowns
What are your hobbies? Anything I find interesting
What style of riding do you enjoy the most? Flow and smooth bowl riding
What got you into riding? I watched my cousin ride and it looked like fun.


Frame: BSD Passenger 21.1″ frame
Forks: Odyssey R25 Forks
Bars: Relic handlebars
Stem: TLC Altum stem with titanium bolts
Grips: S&M Hoder
Rims: Cinema Garrett rims
Hubs: Eclat Seismic hubs
Spokes/nipples: TLC SS spoke and alloy nipples
Seat: Mutiny Seat
Seat Post: BSD post with TLC titanium bolt
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks with TLC titanium bolts
Pedals: Animal Rat Traps
Sprocket: TLC Racekor sprocket

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