Date of Birth: 11-06-1996
Sponsors: TLC BIKES and Fungus Bike Co
Instagram account: @jaydencadmanbmx
Where are you from: Pimpama, QLD, Australia
Job: Concrete labourer
Favourite riders? Logan Martin and Brock Horneman
What is your favourite park/spot? The Village and the Hibiscus skatepark
What is your favourite trick? 360 triple tailwhip or windshield wiper
What are your hobbies? BMX all day!
What style of riding do you enjoy the most? Park riding with bangers
What got you into riding? When I blew my motorbike up and dad couldn’t afford to fix it, I then found BMX and have never looked back!


Frame: My signature (fungusbikeco) Caddy Frame
Forks: Division forks
Bars: Fungus Ape Hangers
Stem: TLC Altum stem with TLC titanium bolts
Grips: Fungus V1 grips
Rims: Gsport Birdcage rims
Hubs: Profile Mini hubs with TLC titanium bolts
Spokes/nipples: TLC stainless steel spokes with TLC alloy nipples
Seat: Colony seat with TLC titanium bolt
Cranks: Total Hangover cranks
Sprocket: TLC Racekor 25T sprocket
Pegs: TLC Jenova alloy pegs