Date of Birth: 18-11-1996
Sponsors: TLC BIKES
Instagram account: @kyrandaviseyre
Where are you from: Laindon, United Kingdom
Favourite riders? I couldn’t choose one, everyone is too good!
What is your favourite park/spot? Anything that is different or scares me.
What is your favourite trick? Hard ways
What are your hobbies? Anything that’s fun
What style of riding do you enjoy the most? Street riding
What got you into riding? My pals


Frame: WTP Battleship 20.5″
Forks: Odsyssey R25 forks
Bars: Eclat Chocolate Bars
Stem: TLC Altum Stem
Grips: Broken, need new ones always
Rims: G-Sport / Odyssey rims
Hubs: Shadow front / Clutch V2 Rear
Spokes/nipples: TLC stainless steel
Seat/post: WTP
Cranks: Odyssey
Pedals: Animal
Sprocket: TLC Racekor sprocket
Pegs: TLC pegs with Eclat plastic sleeves

TLC BIKES Team Rider Kyran Davis-Eyre